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Most disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs will have their needs met through universal services including pre-schools, schools and college together with health services and services in the community.

Some children and young people will need additional support which may be accessed through children’s centres and for older young people through the Youth Connect Service. A small number of children and young people will require more specialist support through social care.

Children’s social care consists of a number of social work teams which provide a range of services for children and young people including those who are disabled or have special educational needs. These include child protection services, support for children in need and their families and family placements and other services for children who need to come into care or be placed for adoption.

Young people in care long term over 16 will be eligible for support as a care leaver up to age 21, or in some circumstances 25 to help them achieve independence and higher education and/or employment.

There is a specialist Disabled Children’s Team which provides a social care service for disabled children. As well as social work assessment and support, this team provides an occupational therapy service and access to short break services, including direct payments for short break care. The team provides a comprehensive social work service for disabled children and young people which includes child protection and social work support for disabled children in care. The team works closely with Adult Social Care colleagues when disabled young people will need a service post-18.

Social care services work closely with pre-schools, schools and the college to contribute to SEN support when children and young people we support have special educational needs. Social care will be asked to contribute to Education, Health and Care Plan needs assessments when a child/young person is known to us, and will contribute to reviews of EHC Plans for children/young people we support or care for.

Disabled young people and those with Special Educational Needs and an EHC Plan may be eligible for support from Adult Social Care which may include support to live independently and help with achieving employment. Adult Social care services in B&NES are provided by Sirona Health and Care.

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Please also visit our 'searchable' Local Offer, Rainbow Resource to find out about services, providers and support for your child and family.

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