Ash Dieback Disease: Chalara fraxinea

Numerous media articles have reported on this disease and in light of this Bath and North East Somerset Council is keen to ensure that our residents have the facts and know who to contact if necessary.

The Forestry Commission has produced a leaflet titled Managing Chalara Ash Dieback in England which can be found at:$file/National_Chalara_leaflet_Feb_2016.pdf

Owners of Ash trees which are protected by Tree Preservation Orders or Conservation Areas are advised that the potential for a tree to become infected will not be a significant consideration when determining a response to applications or notifications. Infection is not considered an exemption unless a tree or parts of the tree have become dead or dangerous.

There is no statutory requirement to notify any government body of the presence of Chalara Ash Dieback, however, you are encouraged to record a sighting using the Forestry Commissions Tree Alert to help identify tolerant trees at:

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