Have you lost or had an item stolen?

As soon as an item is borrowed by you and it is on your account you are liable for the condition and safety of that item until it is returned to the library service.

If you visit any library or contact us we can make a note on your account so that you do not acquire any unnecessary overdue charges.

Any item that is lost, stolen or comes back in an unsatisfactory condition is chargeable to you and any cost associated with that item including overdue charges and administration fees. 

If you lose an item notify us as soon as possible and we can then make a note of it on your account, this will stop any overdue charges being added.

You can always replace the item yourself, but you do need to be aware of these guidelines:

    • The replacement item must be a like for like item
    • It must be a brand new copy and not second hand
    • Ex-Library stock from second hand sellers is not acceptable
    • DVD and Videos must be labelled with 'for rental use only'
    • A £2.50 Admin fee will apply per item

The cost of losing or damaging an item

The price of a new item is how much it costs the library service to get a new copy back onto the shelf and not the price you may be able to buy it for on the high street.

Any item that is lost, stolen or damaged is subject to a charge to replace the item and there will also be a non-refundable £2.50 administration fee added per item. (The £2.50 fee is the charge to get an item back onto the shelf with a new book cover & label) 

We will tell you the cost of the item to replace it when you notify us of the problem. Our standard price list for items that we are unable to buy new are as follows:

  • Adult Non-Fiction - £9.00
  • Adult Fiction - £9.00
  • Adult Reference - £30.00
  • Children’s Reference - £15.00
  • Children’s Book - £5.00
  • Music CD - £8.50
  • DVD - £12.00
  • DVD box set - £24.00
  • Children’s Spoken Word - £8.00
  • Adult Spoken Word - £30.00 or £5.00 per CD
  • Language Courses - £36.00
  • Local Studies Books – are quoted on an individual basis
  • Security cases - £5.00
  • Storysack items - £5.00 per item lost from sack

*We do not charge for loss or damage to picture books and board books borrowed on an under 5's card, childminder’s card or by early years settings.

Admin Charge - All items are subject to an additional £2.50 charge

What happens if I find the item after paying for it?

There are two options for you:

  • You can claim a refund for the price of the item only. We will not refund the £2.50 Administration fee added per item.

As an example:
Item cost - £7.99
Admin Fee - £2.50
You Paid - £10.49

You will only receive the money back for the item cost, in this example £7.99.

Please note that refunds will only be given when a receipt is presented with the original item. The library service will then retain the item.

  • You can keep the item that you paid to replace.

Lost membership cards

You can have a replacement membership card at the following prices:

  • Adult 18+ - 1st replacement free then £1.00 per card thereafter
  • Children 0 to 17 - 1st replacement free then 50p per card thereafter

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