Getting to work by bike – the greenest form of travel – it is now easier for Council staff.

Bath & North East Somerset Council has joined thousands of other organisations and signed up to the Government's successful Cycle To Work initiative with Cyclescheme. Cycle to Work is designed to encourage employees to cycle to work – the healthy, sustainable, carbon-free way to get to work.

Through the scheme, Council employees are able to loan bicycles from the Council. This works through a ‘salary sacrifice’ scheme which lets staff benefit from income tax, National Insurance and VAT exemptions.   Signing up to the scheme saves the Council money and it saves the employee money.  Depending on earnings an employee could save up to 50% on the full retail price of a bike and associated accessories and the Council benefits through National Insurance savings, gaining a healthier workforce, reducing environmental pollution and liberating car parking spaces.

Who can Apply

If you are a Council employee and are interested in making an application then please ensure you read all these frequently asked questions so you are aware of all the implications of entering into a salary sacrifice scheme. 

Find out More

If you would like to find out more about this scheme in general please refer to the Government's own scheme information.

Contact Cyclescheme directly either through the Cyclescheme website - Telephone - 0344 879 5101 

Loan Bike Scheme:

Trying out cycling to work couldn’t be easier, thanks to the Loan Bike Scheme available to those living or working in Bath and North East Somerset. For more information, visit Better By Bike

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