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Welcome to the address information page. The following information provides guidance and advice concerning allocation and registration of addresses whether commercial or residential. This includes:

  • Giving a name or number to a new property
  • Changing the name of an existing property
  • Naming new streets

Registering addresses is an official function of the Council. Please note Royal Mail doesn’t have any jurisdiction over addresses and is only responsible for the allocation of postcodes. When you apply to register an address, the Council will deal with Royal Mail on your behalf.

Please apply online or in writing by completing the relevant form, together with the correct fee. If you are just changing the name of an existing property, all we require is the current address and the fee. For new developments a site plan is required. For multiple properties the plan should show the road layout and plot numbers. For developments that include flats, internal layout plans are also required.

View current notices for new street names

Schedule of Charges 2018/2019 (valid from 3rd April 2018)

Apply online (for registering new properties or renaming existing properties) or alternatively the downloadable Forms are available in the Documents section of this page or in the table below.

All applications (including paper ones) can be tracked online with your reference number


FEE (£)

Naming or Renaming an existing property (Word .doc)      NEW: APPLY ONLINE


Numbering or Naming a new property (Word .doc)      NEW: APPLY ONLINE


Renaming an existing building which includes separate properties/businesses within the building (Word .doc)

£63 plus £19 per property

Renumbering an existing property (Word .doc)


Numbering a new Residential/Commercial Development

1-10 plots £530
10+ plots £530
plus £19 per plot

Naming additional streets


New build student accommodation

£365 up to 100 rooms
+ £52 for each additional 100 rooms

Naming and/or Numbering a new building which includes separate properties/businesses etc within the building or registering new properties within an existing building (Word .doc)

£160 plus £19 per property

Recombine units within a property


Enquiries from Solicitors and Building Societies - email GIS_Team@bathnes.gov.uk     


Where do I find out more?

Further details on street naming and numbering are given in the Council's:

Street Naming and Numbering Policy web version | Street Naming and Numbering Policy PDF version 51kb

Street Naming and Numbering Guidelines web version | Street Naming and Numbering Guidelines PDF version 35kb

Street Naming and Numbering FAQs web version | Street Naming and Numbering FAQs PDF version 29kb

For enquiries concerning addresses please contact the Street Naming and Numbering Officer on 01225 394427 or complete the relevant Enquiry Form in the Documents section on this page or in the Schedule of Charges above.

Note that address changes carried out without contacting us will not be formally registered with Royal Mail, utilities and other bodies until the relevant fee is submitted. The Council has no obligation to register the address stated in the application form and may register it in a different form if more appropriate or necessary to fit with national standards.

Addresses entered and maintained on the Council’s Local Land and Property Gazetteer conform to British Standard 7666.

Notices under Public Health Act 1925 advertising proposed names for new streets.

These are published here on a non-statutory basis to supplement the statutory publication on site. Proposed names for streets will already have been approved by ward councillors and, where appropriate, the town or parish council for the street.

Your statutory rights
Please note, these are not consultations and you should not respond to the Council with any objections. Section 18 Public Health Act 1925 provides that if you wish to object, you must do so to Bath Magistrates Court. The court will forward your objection to us and the council will then consider if it should modify its position. If you are not happy with our response, you may then pay the court fee to go to a hearing in front of the magistrates. Please contact the court to find out the current fee.

Current Notices

New Development off Somerdale Road Keynsham (Phase 3) - Site Notice

New Development off Charlton Road Keynsham - Site Notice

New Development off Bath Road Keynsham - Site Notice

St James's Mews - Site Notice

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