Consultation on increase to denominational and fare paying transport charges from September 2017.


1. The Council is considering an increase to denominational and fare paying transport charges from September 2017.

2. The average cost of the Council transporting a child to school is approx. £1,000 per annum. The cost varies on the type of transport provided. A coach seat will cost £800 per annum while a seat on a taxi can be up to £1500 per annum depending on the distance travelled.

3. The Council currently has an annual budget of £4.2m per annum for School Transport. The budget in the current financial year is projected to overspend by £500,000. The proposed increase to the fare paying charge will help reduce this overspend.

4. The fee paying charge has not increased since September 2012. The increase in charge will bring us in line with neighbouring authorities who already charge more for this service.

5. The current denominational and fare paying charge is £300 per annum with a 50% discount if parents have a 2nd or 3rd child travelling. Any further children travel free.

6. Low income families in receipt of free school meals or maximum working tax credit are exempt from the charge.

7. The Council is proposing to increase the charge from £300 to £480 per annum and remove the 50% discount for siblings and the exemption for low income families.

8. The charges do not apply to those children who qualify for assistance under the Council’s transport policy to a non-denominational school only those children travelling to a denominational school or applying for a fare paying place.


If you would like to comment on these proposed changes you can either E-Mail to the following address: - or write to the Admissions & Transport Unit, Bath and North East Somerset Council, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JG.


Consultation opens on Monday 13th March 2017 and closes on Friday 7th April 2017.

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