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Whether you want to develop a new interest, learn a new skill, keep fit and healthy or simply have fun and make new friends there are courses for you. 

For details of courses available in Bath and North East Somerset please contact:

Community Learning and Adult Education

Adults in Bath and North East Somerset wishing to do further study to gain qualifications, or join classes for leisure and interest, can normally find a range of courses at their local Further Education College:

Bath College - Adult Community Learning - Part Time Courses  -  To Apply, Enrol or Book


Courses leading to qualifications

There are a range of courses leading to qualifications offered on a part-time, and sometimes flexible learning basis, relating to particular areas of work. There may be specific occupational requirements for some of these courses, and tuition and other fees will normally be charged. Details are available from the colleges.


Community and Leisure Learning

The college also offer classes for interest and personal development. 

Bath College - Love2Learn - To Apply, Enrol or Book


Keeping Healthy and Fit in Bath and North East Somerset

Please click on the following links for further information and details on what is available in Bath and North East Somerset:

Leisure Centres and Sports Facilities


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