Allotment Forums 

The Annual Allotment Forum took place on 18 April 2018 at Friends Meeting House, York Street, Bath, BA1 1NG. It was chaired by Bob Goodman -  the Cabinet member with responsibility for Development and Neighbourhoods. 
The purpose of the forum is to:
- Monitor and advise on allotment provision
- Monitor and advise on the allotment budget and expenditure, and on future requirements for capital investment
- Receive and consider management reports (including site management plans)
- Monitor the delivery of this Allotment Management Plan, and fulfilment of the Council’s vision for allotments
- Bring to the attention of the full Council issues of concern relating to allotment provision and management
- Consider methods of monitoring customer satisfaction
- Assist in the development of policies for Green Infrastructure, Waste Management, and Climate Change mitigation, in respect of allotments.
Minutes Annual Allotment Forum 18/04/18
PowerPoint Presentation Annual Allotment Forum 18/04/18

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