Sport and Active Lifestyles Customer Commitments


Our commitment to you will be:


             To be polite, helpful and treat you with respect

             To welcome your feedback on service standards

             To be fair and understanding with all customers

             To be sensitive to individual needs

             To ensure staff are well trained, positive and able to respond to your enquiries

             To listen carefully in order to understand and respond to your needs

             To treat all information received in compliance with the Data Protection Act

             To deal with your enquiry at the first instant whenever possible

             To give you an explanation of our actions

             To make sure that you are advised of relevant timescales



Our service to you will be:


             Delivering a service to a consistently high quality, externally accredited and customer focused

             Providing a safe service which is socially inclusive through physical access and price to all sections of the community.

             Operate a responsive comments, compliments and complaints system

             Providing helpful staff

             Consult you regularly and provide timely feedback

             Monitor, review and develop our standards and service in consultation with you

             To price services at competitive rates

             Responding promptly to all issues brought to our attention

             Providing qualified staff with the appropriate safeguarding checks

             Providing and enabling a wide range of activities that are planned and reviewed through consultation and involvement with customers


You can help us by:


             Taking part in surveys and in customer consultations

             Reporting any issues you have with the service provided

             Pledging to Get Active

             Cooperating with the Code of Conduct for activities you are involved in

             Being flexible to support new activities and events introduced


Thank You for:

             Giving us general feedback about your experience

             Respecting staff

             Reporting any area of dissatisfaction during your visit

             Cooperating with staff carrying out their duties

             Visiting us regularly

             Supporting our service standards




Sport and Active Lifestyles Customer Charter

The Sport and Active Lifestyles Team endeavour to deliver their services in line with Bath and North East Somerset’s Get Active strategy: To get more people, more active, more often, leading to improved health and wellbeing and the creation of stronger, safer communities for all.

We are committed to:

·         Ensuring the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction with the services we provide, with a minimum target of 90% of our users saying they are ‘Very satisfied’ with our services

 ·         Ensuring all staff are polite, show respect for others and treat everyone equally

 ·         Responding to all written correspondence and complaints within 15 working days, attending to visitors within 5 minutes and answering phone calls within ‘3 rings’ and when messages are received via answer phone within 2 days

 ·         Ensuring our service deliverers are qualified and trained to the standards laid out by their governing body

 ·         Ensuring the highest standards of safeguarding are in place for children, young people and vulnerable adults

·         Ensuring that customers have the opportunity to give us their views and suggestions in order to improve our services

 ·         Publishing information, where appropriate, relating to customer consultation, queries and feedback

 ·         Providing the same level of service to all of our customers regardless of age, race, ability or gender

 ·         Ensuring that our services are focused where they are most needed,  targeting under represented groups and those most vulnerable in our society

If you have any queries please contact:

Sport and Active Lifestyles Team

01225 396429


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