The following links will help you to report issues to the Council, find out about your responsibilities as a resident or business and inform you of the Council’s role in helping to keep our streets clean. If you wish to report a problem, please go to Report it.

  • Fly Tipping – Report fly tipping.
  • Graffiti – Request removal of graffiti. Please note that we only remove graffiti from council owned property.
  • Litter BinsReport a full bin.
  • Abandoned vehicles – Report an abandoned vehicle.
  • Dog fouling
  • Litter and the law – Find out about your responsibilities as a resident and/or business and what the Council will fine people for.
  • Street Cleaning schedules – Find out when we clean the streets in your area.
  • Litter picking equipment – Find out how the Council can help you with the equipment for your own litter pick.
  • Litter campaigns – Find out what the Council is doing to reduce the problems of litter.
  • Gulls – Find out about what the Council is doing to tackle the problem of gulls and what you can do to help reduce the problem.

The following are removed by our crews as part of their next scheduled visit to clean the area, and so don’t need to be reported:

  • Flyposting
  • Litter    
  • Weeds
  • Leaf litter           
  • Litter on the highway

Frequently asked questions - street cleansing

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